Beaded Coral Necklace

Native American

$ 95.00

Beaded Coral Necklace 

  • Handcrafted Necklace from the Navajo Reservation
  • Stone: Orange Coral
  • Round Shaped Beads
  • Stirling Silver Clasp  
  • Hook Clasp 
  • 16 Inches in Length can Extend to 18 Inches

Coral has been valued and used for jewelry fabrication and decoration since the earliest history of man.  It was used as a form of currency along with amber by Paleolithic man.   Coral was traded across the ancient and modern world via established trade routes to Italy, where the major workshops were located. The Victorians adored coral, carving it into delicate roses and cameos and since the late 1800's, American Indians have incorporated red and orange coral into many of their jewelry designs. Today coral is equally prized in jewelry making.

Since ancient times coral was believed to cure madness, give wisdom, prevent sterility, calm storms, promote positive forms of social activity and provide protection against plague and pestilence.  It was also thought to enable travelers to cross rivers safely. Amongst tribal cultures past and present it is universally believed to ward off the evil eye and bad luck, and it is still common for children and young women to wear coral necklaces for protection. 

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