Wild Horse Bracelet

The Twisted Pine

$ 185.00

Wild Horse Bracelet 

  • Handcrafted from the Navajo Reservation
  • Stones: Wild Horse  
  • Sterling Silver
  • Cuff Bracelet 
  • Cuff is Slightly Adjustable to Size 

Wild Horse is the name given to this stone, whose geological name is magnesite which is a mixture magnesite/hematite. A fairly new stone that was discovered in the mid-90’s near the Globe copper mine in the Gila wilderness area of southern Arizona.  Wild Horse and it’s beauty has retains a high value and is remarkably stunning.

Wild Horse Magnesite, a gem accredited to boost up the creative skills along with the ability to visualize the things in a creative manner. It is a gem nugget that too helps to achieve the higher state of self due to its potency to instigate the deep and a prevailing state of meditation. The eminence of his captivating stone contemplates to yield the relaxing feeling along with the calming sensation to achieve the highest meditative state. It too soothes the intellect in addition to the emotional heart of knowing the inner self apparently as well as the hidden desires that are obscure to the spiritual soul.

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